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  •  HR Knowledge Portal : Our website with all your HR processes and guidance 
  •  Documents templates : 500+ documents for download, editing and use
  •  Newsletters: Quarterly update on Human Resources and Employment Law
  •  Welcome call: We help you log on and show you the website’s features
  •  8am - 6pm (Mon-Fri) Advice line
  •  Indemnity: When you follow our advice and it proves inaccurate, if you suffer a loss as a result we will compensate you £20,000
  • From £15/month
  • Everything in Bronze plus:
  • 24/7 Advice line: Make unlimited calls to an experienced and knowledgeable HR Adviser
  •  Indemnity: When you follow our advice and it proves inaccurate, if you suffer a loss as a result we will compensate you £50,000
  •  From £25/month
  •  Everything in Silver plus:
  •  HR Health check calls: Yearly HR audit of your business to understand any risk areas and how we can help 
  • Contract support: We’ll review and update all your current contracts of employment to ensure they’re legally compliant 
  •  Policy review: We’ll carry out a review of your essential policy documents and ensure they’re fit for purpose.
  •  On-site consultancy: One of our HR Consultants will spend 2 days a year on-site at your business
  •  Indemnity: When you follow our advice and it proves inaccurate , if you suffer a loss as a result we will compensate you £100,000
  •  From £125
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Who are WiseOwlHR? 
WiseOwlHR are one of the UK’s largest team of HR professionals. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the HR challenges faced by small to medium sized enterprises. 

Our team of advisers supports businesses in every sector, handling over 500,000 calls a year, supporting 66,000 users on their HR needs, and theirc.1,000,000 employees. Our experience is key in resolving your challenges!

The secret to our success? It’s down to every single member of our team – the culture, values, and performance-focused environment they help us create. 

Why buy from WiseOwlHR?
WiseOwlHR offers expert advice for an affordable price, unlimited calls with your HR Adviser.

We’ll never tell you what you can’t do but we’ll help you make the right people decisions within the lines of the law.

We’ll save you from ever having to worry about the impact an employment tribunal could have on your business, not just the cost of a pay-out but the cost of reputational damage too.

"I don’t know where to turn for advice I can trust on HR issues."
With WiseOwlHR you get access to an experienced team of HR experts to help you handle issues in a commercial and sensitive way. 

The HR Advisers are not limited in the time they spend supporting you with an issue, allowing them to coach you into reaching the right outcome for your business.
"It’s too expensive to hire an HR person and the HR companies tie you into a contract for years."
From as little as £15 a month for a 12-month contract, WiseOwlHR enables you to have the power of an HR team in your business without the cost. 

Our HR Advisers are trained to provide advice to people with differing levels of experience and capability in managing HR issues. They’ll work with you or your designated HR lead to understand the level of support you need.  

“On a personal level it is like going on a CIPD course. I’ve learnt so much over the past 4 or 5 years”

"It’s my business, I don’t want someone telling me what I can’t do."
WiseOwlHR advisers seek to understand your preferred outcome and present you with balanced choices, each with associated risks, before guiding you to the right decision for your business
"I feel like HR issues always get out of hand and I worry I’ll get taken to an expensive employment tribunal."
WiseOwlHR are not just here to put the fires out, we’re here to help you stop a people matter ever becoming an issue, having a positive impact on your business, your employees’ wellbeing and their productivity.
Non-compliance with an HR process can lead to a successful tribunal claim, even if you reach the right outcome. With WiseOwl HR, we’ll make sure you not only reach the right destination, but you get there in the right way.
We offer legally reliable advice that we stand behind, with up to £100,000 compensation per incident for legal expenses and tribunal awards.

Case Studies
A small cleaning services business was experiencing an increase in HR issues. They purchased WiseOwlHR to help them fill the gap in employment knowledge and help minimise the risk to their business.

“With each issue we’ve had they’ve helped us take it through to a successful conclusion. I’m not anHR person and we’re a small business so without them some of the situations with employees could have been quite sticky. The advice has always been absolutely solid and I trust everything that they say.”
A busy visual arts organisation knew that they needed more support in managing a growing team and the challenges that comes with this. 

By subscribing to WiseOwlHR, they feel they have their own HR team in house to call upon whenever they need them.

“I like the personal HR advice we get about our business and that you are interested in learning about us. We no longer feel WiseOwlHR is an external company, but rather they’re part of our team.”
“Case Viewer is the best thing. It's great to be able to download all of the action taken on the case and have all the information there. 

The quality of what you put on the case is great. I was contacted by Legal for information (to respond to a letter received from employee's solicitor) and it was all there on the case.”
Unlimited access to HR professionals FROM ONLY £15 / MONTH
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